Dragon Realm Adventurers

Chapter 7

Dain vs Beron

Dain and Beron fought to the death as the dead naga rose up to fight Reina and Henri, Sofi collapsed after being struck by a black ray cast by Beron. The fight was ugly and intense and Dain wasn’t sure if he could defeat Beron in a fair fight, especially after beron opened up a massive wound in Dains belly with his shortsword bloodletter. With a bit of luck and perhaps the blessings of the god of thieves dain managed to kill Beron just as reina and henri defeated the last Naga. Just to be sure of berons death Dain chopped of his head before searching him and freeing the slaves he had captured. Afterwards the party found a carving of the dragon god of thieves and the god blessed them. Upon leaving the temple they discovered the crocodile men had all been slain by beron when he entered after the party. The Giant talking bat creature thanked the party for getting rid of an obstacle and that berons research would be very useful before it faded away. After getting a bit of rest the party headed back to town and divested themselves of the loot they had acquired.



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