Dragon Realm Adventurers

Chapter 6

Sofi, Ashiya and The Metal Meat Man

After discovering the absence of talek, the party met two individuals sent by Kandigger who had information for them. Still the mystery of the missing miners was not yet solved so henri and reina invited the newcomers to help find them. Sofi and Ashiya were only too happy to help and dain outfitted them with his own magical weapons. They then met some crocodile men who had sworn vengeance against the “Metal Meat Man” a man dressed in metal who had murdered their village whilst they were away with the help of some strange “snake people” upon hearing this the party decided they would investigate and the crocodile men took them lair of the metal meat man. Upon entering the lair the party were attacked by vicious vamparic wolves and were almost killed. After the battle they continued on and soon discovered that they were an ancient temple to the Dragon god of thieves. After going through the temples trials they discovered a creature made from the parts of many creatures, an amalgamation of evil sorcery that frightened the party to the soles of their boots. Of course the party prevailed over the vile creature and after a bit of rest they continued their quest. They soon discovered the “snake people” a couple of Naga sacrificing a slave to a demonic entity. The Naga talked to the party for a bit before attacking them and after a short and brutal fight, Ashiya lay burned and dead. A voice from the side of the room called out “well that’s unfortunate…” and the metal meat man was revealed as the party turned to assess this new threat. Revealing Beron Le Del to be the Man of metal meat.



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