Dragon Realm Adventurers

Chapter 5

Beron Le Del and clearwater

After getting lost in the swamp and meeting a crazed hermit who worshiped a gargantuan toad the party arrived in the town of Clearwater, a town halfway through the swamp that had a moat of clean crystaline water surrounding it. Kest the dragon god of purity was the main god of the town and in exchange for gifts of silver in his honour he kept the water clean around the town. After getting acquainted with the townsfolk the party settled in the inn the swoggin’swine, it was here they met Beron Le del, a powerful knight of the order of the emerald knights in search of the mysterious “bog womp” to gain renown for the emerald knights. Dain challenged Beron to a duel to show beron that he should not tangle with the mysterious “bog womp” as it was dangerous and he would have little chance against it if he couldn’t best dain in combat. Beron yielded the duel but would not yield his quest and Dain and he parted as unlikely friends. The heroes then decided to talk to the chief miner to determine why the miners had been disappearing. lately, after a short jaunt just outside of town the party discovered a hydra had been preying upon unfortunate miners. During the short and bloody fight beron le del rushed in to help the party but reached them only in time to watch the finish it off. Afterwards they headed back into town.



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