The Drunken Bodyguard


Level 4 Fighter

Str: 16
Dex: 13
Con: 16
Int: 16
Wiz: 14
Cha: 15

HP: 38
AC: 2

Special: Specialised with Broad Sword

Items List:


Reina was born in a large town, not so big it could be called a city, but big enough to get lost in. Reina was the child of a young noble at least that is what her mother always told her. Her mother was far from noble and although she loved her child they had very near to nothing. When Reina was very young she was bullied often by the other children for her stories of being noble, mostly the boys, that is until she learned to stand up for her herself. She learned quickly that she was stronger than most of them, easily defeating them if it came to that, and being a girl it often came to that. When Reina was about nine, her mother married a soldier named Owen O’del who was a good man. Having no children to take up his name he taught Reina the only two things he knew how to do, the sword… and how to get drunk. At fifteen the town was ravaged by a plague and her mother and Owen were both stricken with it. Having no options Reina sort the aid of the dragon priests and they told her that they could cure them if she would serve as the Guardian of a young priest for them.
And so Reina was tasked with the job of protecting Henri, a cowardly priest, who seemed to have no qualms against using her as a human shield. But Reina didn’t mind, as long as she got her payment – wine, lots and lots of wine. Reina wasn’t a drunk exactly, her party members made sure of that, limiting her alcohol consumption much to her annoyance. If she had her way, she would be drunk 100% of the time but alas Dain would not allow that and threatened to remove all wine if she took more than her allocated share..
Reina wasn’t good at back stories…her memories were blurred with alcohol, at only 16 who knew that she would be such a drunken fool…


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