The Cowardly Priest


Level 5 Cleric
+2 hit
Str: 12
Dex: 13
Con: 16
Int: 16
Wiz: 17
Cha: 14

HP: 35
AC: 4
EXP: 17693

Special: Worships God of Magic, has some wizard spells, can only turn magical creatures (constructs, animated skeletons etc)

Spell List:
Detect Magic
Level 1 power: 6
Cure light
Magic Stone (but uses level 2 spell power)
Magic Weapon (but uses level 2 spell power)
Level 2 power: 5
Cure moderate
Resist fire/cold
Shocking grasp
Affect normal fires
Wall of fog
Level 3power: 2
Dispell magic

Items List:
Holy Symbol
Cursed ring (use self to cast spells, lowers Char if someone sees it)
5 healing bolsters
Small pouch of stones (1d4+1)
Master crafted mace +1 (1d6)
Rod (mace like, don’t know more about it) 1d6
Chainmail Armour
Fur coat, boots and gloves

Healing -2 wisdom
Navigation -2 Int
Ancient history -1 int
Ancient language -1 int
Heraldry 0 int
Religion 0 wis
(+1 prof)


Tasked with the mission to find a “disturbance in the north”, Henri set out for his adventure. Along side him the church has assigned Reina to be his bodyguard. Instead of the normal payment of money, along their travels it is discovered that Reina is quite the drinker, so wine, wine and beer for all. In truth Henri is very shy and awkward, with great wisdom and poor intelligence the church of Magic thought it be an adventure for him to learn to be a man. For Henri, it was a chance to escape the rumor floating about.

Henri has always been cowardly, run from a fight, never stand up for anything, I guess that’s why he was chosen to go on this mission, to get out of the church elder’s hair and to teach him important skills. His lack of knowledge of basic divine spells (probably due to sleeping during study) makes him more of a liability to his travelling party, however if someone is dying he’ll use an excuse to stop the fight and save them. He’s not very clever and without question will do what is asked.


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