the Dragon Realms

“its thanks to the dragons that we give for our existence, it is by their grace we live and their whim we die”
- Mantra of the Dragons

it is said that this world began when the great dragon Ryx, her wings tired of endlessly flying through the eternal darkness, finally died. Her 5 offspring transformed her body into a home for which to rest and decide the next stage of their journey. they new that they were only the first of 100 eggs inside her body to hatch, and decided to wait until their brothers and sisters hatched and were ready to fly.

As they waited, these great dragons grew bored, and decided to amuse themselves with testing the limits of their power.

Lunix, the moon dragon, took his mothers eyes he created large watch posts so as to keep an eye one the others and another on the eternal darkness. ever watchful for threats within and without.

Zyreph, the sun dragon, took his mothers fire, and used it to create a beacon of light in the dark. so that the young might not be cold and afraid.

Raul, The gold dragon, took her mothers brain, and with it learned knowledge of all things

Marux/Nyth, the twinheaded astral dragons, took their mothers heart, and with it seeded life on the rest of her body. Marux created all forms of life, from the smallest fish to the largest giant, and Nyth took these short-lived bodies and reclaimed their essence when they fell, that Marux could use it again.

As the rest of Ryx’s brood hatched, they came to be revered as gods among the lesser beings, and thus are worshiped to this day. while all are old beyond measure now, they are still but mewling hatchlings compared to Ryx, and none are yet ready to spread their wings and fly the eternal darkness, seeking what? only they know.

the Dragon Realms

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