Dragon Realm Adventurers


and so it began

Dain met Reina and Henri at an inn while passing through the town of cleftone. after causing some mischief for the local traders, he joined the party on the pretense of going to his uncles place in the north. the party then left town, taking the north-westerly road to an unnamed village. there they were directed to a mysterious barrow that lay a half day into the forest. after navigating a series of challanges and traps, the party found a crypt deep underground, which when opened freed a skeletal being who introduced himself as Kandigger, a lich artificer of an age goneby. after a short conversation Kandigger split open the floor and the party found themselves falling into a cave system even deeper underground.

the second chapter

after navigating the caves and emerging in a cyclops lair, the group found that they had somehow managed to condense 2 weeks travel into a couple of days and had emerged far to the east of the mountains, near the city of Halbrook, they decided to stop in and replenish their supplies before continuing north. while in town Dain stumbled upon a Wererat gambling den and killed a few, later they sort revenge and attacked the party in an inn. Dain swore revenge and delved into the sewers determined to wipe out the wererats completely, here they met Talek, who decided to aid them. after a scuffle in the sewers, the party surprisingly found themselves in a manor house of the local ruler. after meeting with the man, they discovered that he was a wererat lord over 400 years old charged with an ancient oath to defeat a hidden evil, talek had been stricken with lycanthropy, and was forced to remain behind to learn of his new curse. Lord Horatio sent them to investigate a nearby abandoned church known to attract dark forces, and there they discovered a dark figure commanding undead to search the place for a raven idol artifact. reclaiming the artifact, the party then decided to learn more about it, and after poking around a traveling magic shop they located Kandigger, who explained the idol was a portal generator, but was currently broken.



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