Dragon Realm Adventurers

Chapter 4

The Long Ride West

after resupplying and purchasing a wagon, the party started traveling overland towards Thraeben, the religious capital of the world. here they hoped to find a priest to cure Talek of his affliction, having been given a potion to help supress his transformations, the party estimated they had around 2 months to mske it before they would run out. after a weeks travel fighting off a few threats and sheltering from a storm for a day, the party arrived in the small village of Estwald, at the base of Whitecliff pass. here Talek suffered his first transformation, confined to his room and drugged by potion, he was kept well in hand. Dain organised for horse blankets to be made for the cold pass through the mountains.

while camping out one night in the 3 day journey through the mountains, the party was attacked by a pack of ghouls lead by a few Agrats. after a long and bloody fight, the party prevailed, but were too injured to move on until they recovered. a large bat was spotted flying away at the end of the conflict, but the party could not muster a pursuit with so many wounded.

making it through Whitecliff pass, the party stayed a night at an inn on the far side, and surveyed the challenge before them. a huge swamp, stretching as far as the eye could see.



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