Dragon Realm Adventurers

Chapter 3

The Return to Halbrook

as the party was making preperations to leave, they were suddenly granted an irrifusable audience with a being of great power: Nyth, the god of Death. his messanger came seeking kandigger for eluding him, and forced him to partake in a quest to defend the dragon realms, through happenstance and being in the wrong place at the right time, the party was conscritped by Nyth to find components for a magical artifact: The Skin of a Fallen Warrior, the Blood of a Blood Drinker, and the Bones of an Undead Mage. the party decided as a last resort, kandigger could provide this last ingredient. leaving kandigger to his own devices, the party set out back to halbrook to regroup and resupply, running out of food on the way home provoked a dangerous encounter with a pair of pyrolisks and a small pack of wild boar. there bellies refilled, the party arrived at halbrook to find the gates barred shut and word of a plauge in the city. finding their way into the sewers they were met by a small group of Horatios followers, who said combat beneath the streets was causing the curious smog in the streets, before more could be established, a cohort of skeletons poured out of the tunnels. all the wererats were slain in the melee, forcing the party to find their own way.

returning to the surface, the party made their way to horatios headquarters, where they met up with Talek and heard a report of more undead appearing in the old sewers. investigating they found a strange fog, and within it a number of ghostly figures conversing in the fog. after a short encounter they two parties briefly conversed. here they learnt that the 3 fallen paladins had become death knights in the service of the very force they sort to destroy.

from here the party decided to set off and cure Talek of his lycanthropy, and give kandigger time to sort out the magic of the portal.



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