Dragon Realm Adventurers

Chapter 7
Dain vs Beron

Dain and Beron fought to the death as the dead naga rose up to fight Reina and Henri, Sofi collapsed after being struck by a black ray cast by Beron. The fight was ugly and intense and Dain wasn’t sure if he could defeat Beron in a fair fight, especially after beron opened up a massive wound in Dains belly with his shortsword bloodletter. With a bit of luck and perhaps the blessings of the god of thieves dain managed to kill Beron just as reina and henri defeated the last Naga. Just to be sure of berons death Dain chopped of his head before searching him and freeing the slaves he had captured. Afterwards the party found a carving of the dragon god of thieves and the god blessed them. Upon leaving the temple they discovered the crocodile men had all been slain by beron when he entered after the party. The Giant talking bat creature thanked the party for getting rid of an obstacle and that berons research would be very useful before it faded away. After getting a bit of rest the party headed back to town and divested themselves of the loot they had acquired.

Chapter 6
Sofi, Ashiya and The Metal Meat Man

After discovering the absence of talek, the party met two individuals sent by Kandigger who had information for them. Still the mystery of the missing miners was not yet solved so henri and reina invited the newcomers to help find them. Sofi and Ashiya were only too happy to help and dain outfitted them with his own magical weapons. They then met some crocodile men who had sworn vengeance against the “Metal Meat Man” a man dressed in metal who had murdered their village whilst they were away with the help of some strange “snake people” upon hearing this the party decided they would investigate and the crocodile men took them lair of the metal meat man. Upon entering the lair the party were attacked by vicious vamparic wolves and were almost killed. After the battle they continued on and soon discovered that they were an ancient temple to the Dragon god of thieves. After going through the temples trials they discovered a creature made from the parts of many creatures, an amalgamation of evil sorcery that frightened the party to the soles of their boots. Of course the party prevailed over the vile creature and after a bit of rest they continued their quest. They soon discovered the “snake people” a couple of Naga sacrificing a slave to a demonic entity. The Naga talked to the party for a bit before attacking them and after a short and brutal fight, Ashiya lay burned and dead. A voice from the side of the room called out “well that’s unfortunate…” and the metal meat man was revealed as the party turned to assess this new threat. Revealing Beron Le Del to be the Man of metal meat.

Chapter 5
Beron Le Del and clearwater

After getting lost in the swamp and meeting a crazed hermit who worshiped a gargantuan toad the party arrived in the town of Clearwater, a town halfway through the swamp that had a moat of clean crystaline water surrounding it. Kest the dragon god of purity was the main god of the town and in exchange for gifts of silver in his honour he kept the water clean around the town. After getting acquainted with the townsfolk the party settled in the inn the swoggin’swine, it was here they met Beron Le del, a powerful knight of the order of the emerald knights in search of the mysterious “bog womp” to gain renown for the emerald knights. Dain challenged Beron to a duel to show beron that he should not tangle with the mysterious “bog womp” as it was dangerous and he would have little chance against it if he couldn’t best dain in combat. Beron yielded the duel but would not yield his quest and Dain and he parted as unlikely friends. The heroes then decided to talk to the chief miner to determine why the miners had been disappearing. lately, after a short jaunt just outside of town the party discovered a hydra had been preying upon unfortunate miners. During the short and bloody fight beron le del rushed in to help the party but reached them only in time to watch the finish it off. Afterwards they headed back into town.

Chapter 4
The Long Ride West

after resupplying and purchasing a wagon, the party started traveling overland towards Thraeben, the religious capital of the world. here they hoped to find a priest to cure Talek of his affliction, having been given a potion to help supress his transformations, the party estimated they had around 2 months to mske it before they would run out. after a weeks travel fighting off a few threats and sheltering from a storm for a day, the party arrived in the small village of Estwald, at the base of Whitecliff pass. here Talek suffered his first transformation, confined to his room and drugged by potion, he was kept well in hand. Dain organised for horse blankets to be made for the cold pass through the mountains.

while camping out one night in the 3 day journey through the mountains, the party was attacked by a pack of ghouls lead by a few Agrats. after a long and bloody fight, the party prevailed, but were too injured to move on until they recovered. a large bat was spotted flying away at the end of the conflict, but the party could not muster a pursuit with so many wounded.

making it through Whitecliff pass, the party stayed a night at an inn on the far side, and surveyed the challenge before them. a huge swamp, stretching as far as the eye could see.

Chapter 3
The Return to Halbrook

as the party was making preperations to leave, they were suddenly granted an irrifusable audience with a being of great power: Nyth, the god of Death. his messanger came seeking kandigger for eluding him, and forced him to partake in a quest to defend the dragon realms, through happenstance and being in the wrong place at the right time, the party was conscritped by Nyth to find components for a magical artifact: The Skin of a Fallen Warrior, the Blood of a Blood Drinker, and the Bones of an Undead Mage. the party decided as a last resort, kandigger could provide this last ingredient. leaving kandigger to his own devices, the party set out back to halbrook to regroup and resupply, running out of food on the way home provoked a dangerous encounter with a pair of pyrolisks and a small pack of wild boar. there bellies refilled, the party arrived at halbrook to find the gates barred shut and word of a plauge in the city. finding their way into the sewers they were met by a small group of Horatios followers, who said combat beneath the streets was causing the curious smog in the streets, before more could be established, a cohort of skeletons poured out of the tunnels. all the wererats were slain in the melee, forcing the party to find their own way.

returning to the surface, the party made their way to horatios headquarters, where they met up with Talek and heard a report of more undead appearing in the old sewers. investigating they found a strange fog, and within it a number of ghostly figures conversing in the fog. after a short encounter they two parties briefly conversed. here they learnt that the 3 fallen paladins had become death knights in the service of the very force they sort to destroy.

from here the party decided to set off and cure Talek of his lycanthropy, and give kandigger time to sort out the magic of the portal.

and so it began

Dain met Reina and Henri at an inn while passing through the town of cleftone. after causing some mischief for the local traders, he joined the party on the pretense of going to his uncles place in the north. the party then left town, taking the north-westerly road to an unnamed village. there they were directed to a mysterious barrow that lay a half day into the forest. after navigating a series of challanges and traps, the party found a crypt deep underground, which when opened freed a skeletal being who introduced himself as Kandigger, a lich artificer of an age goneby. after a short conversation Kandigger split open the floor and the party found themselves falling into a cave system even deeper underground.

the second chapter

after navigating the caves and emerging in a cyclops lair, the group found that they had somehow managed to condense 2 weeks travel into a couple of days and had emerged far to the east of the mountains, near the city of Halbrook, they decided to stop in and replenish their supplies before continuing north. while in town Dain stumbled upon a Wererat gambling den and killed a few, later they sort revenge and attacked the party in an inn. Dain swore revenge and delved into the sewers determined to wipe out the wererats completely, here they met Talek, who decided to aid them. after a scuffle in the sewers, the party surprisingly found themselves in a manor house of the local ruler. after meeting with the man, they discovered that he was a wererat lord over 400 years old charged with an ancient oath to defeat a hidden evil, talek had been stricken with lycanthropy, and was forced to remain behind to learn of his new curse. Lord Horatio sent them to investigate a nearby abandoned church known to attract dark forces, and there they discovered a dark figure commanding undead to search the place for a raven idol artifact. reclaiming the artifact, the party then decided to learn more about it, and after poking around a traveling magic shop they located Kandigger, who explained the idol was a portal generator, but was currently broken.

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